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Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Our bed bug heat treatments can solve your bed bug infestation in as little as 24 hours.  Eco-friendly and non-chemical treatment options available to fit your needs. Rock Pest Control is proud to offer revolutionary Bed Bug Heat treatments. How Heat Treatments Work The Rock Pest Control heat treatments use a simple process with dramatic results – […]

DIY Bed Bug Heater Rentals

Professional Bed Bug Heater and Equipment Rentals in the Kansas City Metro Area! This is the Do-It-Yourselfer’s dream.  Kill bed bugs yourself with professional quality equipment and simple instructions.  Rentals are available in the Kansas City metro area and on your schedule!

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Qualified Pest Professionals in the Kansas City Area!

At Rock Pest Control we make pests run in fear from our ultra effective treatments. Whether you want to Do-It-Yourself, or have a professional come to your home or business to get rid of bed bugs in record time; we have the treatment plan for you. Rock Pest Control is proud to offer the highest quality treatments buy using Convectex Bed Bug heaters for all of our heat treatments.

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We get rid of your pest problem as quickly as possible because we’ve been through it too. Out technicians have the training and experienced needed to solve year-round pest problems with ease. Our competitive pricing and excellent customer service sets us apart from our competition and brings our customers back every time a new pest problem arises.

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Rental Prices To Fit Every Budget

Kill bed bugs yourself today!


Treats Up to 300sqft!

$99 day

  • 1 x Elite 8 or 4 Heater
  • 2 x 15ft Power Cords
  • 4 x 25ft Power Cords
  • 2 x 50ft Power Cords,
  • 1 x IR thermometer

DIY 200

Treats Up to 800sqft

$299 day

  • 2 x Elite 8 or 4 Heaters
  • 2 x AF Elite Fans
  • 4 x 15ft Power Cords
  • 8 x 25ft Power Cords
  • 4 x 50ft Power Cords
  • 1 x IR thermometer

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