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Should The Fear of Bed Bugs Make Me Not Want To Travel?

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People ask me all the time, “Should the chance of getting bed bugs make me not want to travel?” To which I reply, “Absolutely not! Don’t ever let that fear make you not want to travel!” Travel is one of the most amazing things we can do for connection, rest and broadening your worldview. You just need to keep a few things in mind to help your peace of mind while you travel and after you get back home. First, when you first enter your new accommodations do a quick bed bug inspection yourself. Pull back the four corners of the bottom sheets and check for black dots or bed bugs along the edge of the mattress or the sheets. They love to live under the edge of the box spring, so use the flashlight of your phone to shine along the edge, especially in the creases, to see if there are any bugs or droppings. If you find anything suspicious, make sure to talk to the authorities or owners immediately and ask for a new room or new accommodations. Second, always keep your luggage and other belongings off the floor and the bed. Instead, keep your suitcase and things on a dresser, chair, or luggage rack. Thirdly, after you get back home, unload your suitcase outside of your room, wash all the clothing and put it through the dryer, and put the suitcase or luggage back in your garage or shed. If you keep all these things in mind you don’t ever need to fear traveling. If you have done all these things and still start to notice bites on your body or small streaks of blood on your sheets, or if you see bugs in your bed or furniture, then DON’T WORRY, CALL THE ROCK!

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  1. Very informative. I will print it out and put in my suitcase so I don’t forget what to do next time we are in a hotel.

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