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What Sign Can Help Me Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

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It can feel very scary and overwhelming to think you might have bed bugs and do not know what to look for. Here are some clear signs to look for that can help you decide if you need to CALL THE ROCK! If you start noticing bites on your body that cannot be explained by mosquitos or fleas or oak mites then you may have bed bugs. Bed bug bites usually appear in a line on your body, and they usually appear small, but they do affect everyone in very different ways. No two people respond react exactly the same way. Also, not everyone is allergic to bed bugs so keep that in mind, two people might share the same bed, but only one might be affected if there are bed bugs. Another sign to look for is streaks of blood on your sheets. Bed bugs suck blood like a mosquito and once bit you can leave little streaks of blood on your sheets. This is why I recommend light-colored or white sheets and sheets without a pattern, it makes it much easier to spot these streaks and bed bugs themselves. Another important and overlooked “sign” to be aware of is if you have done any higher risk activities lately. Did you just get back from a European vacation, or did your aunt just stay with you who happens to work for the CIA and be a world traveler? That is meant to sound a little silly, but the point is still true. Have you traveled recently or had a visitor recently? A final sign I would like to mention here is if you actually see bed bugs, then you have them! Don’t be afraid to look for them in your own home or when you are traveling. Look on the sheets and in between and around the mattresses and pillows for small black spots and bugs. If you notice any of these signs or just have questions, DON’T WORRY, CALL THE ROCK!

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