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General Pest Control

At Rock Pest Control We Work On Protecting Homes And Families From Pests Through Our Environmentally Friendly, All Season Pest Control Services In Kansas City, We Do Provide General Pest Control solutions For Residential and Commercial Clients, Rock Pest Control offers easy to understand Integrated pest Management Solutions In Kansas City that will fit your needs..


Ant pests


Ants are one of the main pest problems in America. with a wide variety of ant-types, some can can really cause harm and damage your property. Especialy that ants live in colonies that contain tens of thousands of workers and queen ants living for many years. Contact us now for dependable ant Pest Control in Kansas City.

Mice pests


Mice are often found in garages, fields, basements and attics deepening on the time of year. Spreading a number of diseases by contamination of human food and indirectly, by rodent fleas and mites. Mice have incredible body structures that allow them to fit into 1/4 inch holes. Rock pest is your premier option for Mice pest control in Kansas City.

spider pests


While all spiders are poisonous to some extent, few bite humans. Spiders are commonly found in buildings, attics, crawl spaces, around windows, eves, and outside shrubbery. Our exterminator services ensure your spider problem is dealt with effectively.

Wasp and hornet pests

Wasp and hornet

Wasps and hornets can be a serious Problem in Kansas City, specifically in the late summer. They tend to forage near outdoor food areas and garbage.Our exterminator services ensure your Wasps and Hornets problems are dealt with effectively.

Cockroach Pests


These are the most undesirable insect intruders. They are known to carry various diseases, salmonella, staph, strep and Ecoli. You will need Our professional pest control services to deal with this insect in Kansas City.



Springtails are tiny jumping pests that seldom scare homeowners by emerging in vast quantities in humid indoor spaces such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and in the soil of houseplants. Contact us if you need exterminator services in Kansas City.



If a mysterious pest has destroyed your garden or indoor plants, it’s a good bet that the earwig bug is to blame. Adult earwigs grow to around an inch and a half long, and they tend to look pretty scary with two large pincers sticking out from their abdomen. If you need Earwig Extermination, contact us today!



Since crickets are globally common insects, they can easily be found in your homes. They tend to look for a warmer place to spend the winter, that’s when they end up settling in your house. We are experts in exterminator services for crickets in Kansas City.



Although unattractive and often considered a pest, especially when they venture into homes, they are harmless. We are ready to help you with Kansas City centipede extermination services.

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